Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fuel poverty

What is your organisation doing about fuel poverty?


Rob H said...

whg is giving advice to its customers through our tenant newsletter. Our winter edition has a 5 page spread with the fgocus on saving money and fuel poverty.

We are also looking at utility changing organisations to see how we can get the best utility deals for our customers.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

awatson( Mercian HA ) said...

Hi All
I’d like to make you aware of a scheme that I don’t think has been widely publicised but one which the Sheltered Scheme staff have had some success recently.
This may not benefit you, but we all have parents, grandparents or might know someone (neighbour/tenant) who could save UP TO £125.00 per year off their electric bills.
This only applies for N Power customers, but if ONE of the following criteria is met:

1) Over 60 years old
2) Registered disabled
3) Suffering chronic illness
4) Have an income of less than £13,500

They should contact 0800 048 0511 – speak to the Spreading Warmth Team they might be eligible and the savings could be up to £125.00 per year off electric bills.

Rob H said...

At whg we are trialing the use of a dedicated utility switching agent. Initialy we are using this service for all new custoners. The aim is to ensure customers are guided through the maze of different tarrifs and at least have a better chance of making an informed choice. The agent we are trialing is 'Money Angels'. I will let you know how it is going early in the new year.